17 weeks + update on our house search

Is there such thing as perfection when it comes to buying your first home?

I am starting to doubt it.

If it's not the house, it's the location. If it's not the location, it's the house. If both house and location are nice, it's the competition.

Did I mention that the other week we saw a house that I loved? It was the first day on the market and we met with our realtor that night to take a peek. Good location, check. Good floor plan, check. Love at first sight. We immediately put in a contract for the full asking price and I was sure that the house would be ours. Nope. Someone went beyond the asking price...and...wait for it...in cash.

So no, we are not close in finding a house of our own.

However, hubs' parents recently ended their house hunt! They are not moved in yet, but are busy fixing it up and making it their own. Lots of painting, scrubbing, and repairing. The house was DARK, brown everywhere, but they are making good progress in transforming it to something bright and airy!

I thought it would be neat to take pictures of Anna at the house while it is getting beautified and afterward when everything is all done. So...here is Anna at 17 weeks on the dot. In the middle of the family room. Smiling a lot. Looking sharp in her pink polo.

floor mat
hey good lookin'


  1. Anna knows a beautiful room when she sees one.

    And oh no... someone out bid you and with cash?!? That really sucks...

  2. What a cutie! Love the pink outfit.
    Hope you have better luck finding a house soon! That is definitely frustrating.

  3. Shame you did not get that dream home of yours. Perhaps a better one is coming along so don't stop looking! =)

    Anna sure is enjoying herself at her new found playground! :)

  4. Oh I hope you guys find The One soon. I know you've been searching for such a long time, but it will happen soon enough. Looks like Anna isn't in any rush to move things along though!

  5. awww. look at that smile. Best of luck on the house hunt. make sure you make a list of must haves and stick with it. Wow, must be nice to buy a house with CASH!!

  6. Stay positive, your dream house is out there!

    Anna looks so happy; what a smile!

  7. That smile is adorable. Good luck on the house search, it will happen.


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