A & P(esto)

Constantly keeping the baby stimulated or entertained is so tiring.

Sometimes when I am completely out of energy, I plop Anna down on the couch and let her stare at Pesto (aka the White Wolf of Antarctica).
white wolf
Maybe next week I will let her have a different view and put Pargo (aka the Grizzly Bear of Canada) in front of her.

Have a wonderful weekend, my fellow bloggers! Got anything fun planned? I am meeting some friends (all mommies) for lunch. And we are not bringing the babies. And it's going to be so niiiiice.


  1. Wow, Anna must think Pesto is HUGE!

    :) Enjoy your "ladies day" out!

    I going to visit my Grandfather this weekend! He is is 101 years old!

  2. They both look like they can't wait for the session to end! lol.
    Have fun lunching with the other mommies! :) I'll be heading to Hocking Hills State Park this weekend! :)


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