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I once said I wasn't going to be one of those parents who buy their kids tons of toys. Well...can I take it back? I mean, I don't think we are overbuying toys...(just yet), but it's definitely helpful to have some play things to make playtime more fun and silly.

So with a 'Buy 1, Get 1 Free' coupon on Fisher Price infant toys, we took Anna to Toys R Us for some new toys. She's much too young to appreciate a toy store, but sat patiently and chomped on her peacock while her parents deliberated on which toys to get.

Xylophone. Colored cups. Squeaky toys. Shakers. Rattles. Stacking blocks. SO MANY CHOICES!

We ended up getting a shape sorter toy and a tugboat set for bath time.

And on the way out, we saw some Kai-Lan stuff and bought them too on an impulse.

After we got home, we laid out all the toys in front of Anna and guess which one she went for?

The plastic bag.

Because we are teaching her life isn't just one big playtime, we took her to the local library last week.


  1. Babies always pick the one thing you think is the least interesting. My oldest loved facial tissue paper. She would sit there with a box of Kleenx and shred each one to tiny pieces. It provided about an hour of entertainment, so we just let her do it! Have fun!

  2. LOL! The plastic bag... Sounds like a lot of kids, rather play with the box the swingset came in then the swingset... :)

  3. Yup, seems that babies love plastic bags - we have to work to keep all of them away from Sasha, because she is on the hunt for them constantly. They are crinkly and tons of fun! Must be why they put those warnings on plastic bags - deceptively dangerous and babies love them. Never underestimate a baby's ability to find every way to get into trouble with the simplest item. For example, we can't give her tissues (though she loves those too!) because she immediately tries to eat them. This weekend we took her to a restaurant and within the first 30 sec she ate part of a cocktail napkin. [exasperated sigh here.....]

  4. Kids never change, it seems. I probably couldn't control myself at a toy store either and can see myself getting stuff I'D want to play with! Good for you for developing some balance and starting her out so young. Hope she enjoys the toys and books :)

  5. Funny! lol. From the frown on Anna's face, I'm thinking she prefers her playtime more! ;)

  6. Justin and Mark's Momma T-RexJuly 21, 2010 at 1:03 PM

    Won't be long and Anna and Sasha will be ready for a musical table. They love pressing buttons and it will eventually help them learn to stand. This was Justin, Mark, and Vivienne's favorite toy ever.

  7. Oh my, she is so pretty. I love that left sidebar photo. :) I bet you get lost in her eyes a LOT.

    From experience? Go back and get that xylophone sometime. My boys love the simple, old school, musical toys a LOT. We had three separate shape sorters received as gifts and I just ended up with a bunch of unsorted shapes. If you can find a baby piano? Go for it too. It tends to lengthen play time by at LEAST 20 minutes. And I find it to be fairly educational, as far as toys go.

    Congrats. I'm over from Dorkys...been awhile since I've been by but I'm glad I hopped over today! Happy Wednesday.


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