frapp goodness

Yesterday, with baby in tow, I had the pleasure of sampling the newly introduced however-you-want-it frappuccino at Starbucks. My pick? Mocha. 2%. Extra whip.

Cooling, creamy, and oh-so-yummy.
I managed to score my grande beverage for free. But it was so good that I will surely try out more combinations next time. I think they are worthy of the gift card that has been sitting in my wallet for the past 5 years.


  1. Oh man. i'm a sucker for their java chip frappuccino. I order it light with no whip but somehow I don't really think it's all that "light". LOL. Happy 4th of july weekend!

  2. I just recently fell in love with iced frapps as well. My husband and I are always taking walks to the local coffee shop to get one with Ephram. So glad you've found such deliciousness!

  3. Looks like Anna is drooling or saying "I want one too!"



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