4 months

4 months at the doctors

Miss A,

Can't even believe that we let 4 months scoot on by. If I could, I would bottle you up to give to anyone having a bad day - you are such a joy to be around right now! You are a smiley and happy baby.

This month, you've officially rolled. Left, right, tummy, back. Been there, done that. Not quite a master at it yet, but getting close. You enjoy being on your tummy more than ever and can lift your whole chest off the floor. Your pediatrician commented that you have the strength of a 6 months old. And no, I don't think she was just being nice.

You are a fan of sitting upright and looking around and taking it all in. You actually sat on your own for a good 5 seconds the other day before falling on your face. You also love to walk (with us holding you, of course). You know the motion of putting one foot in front of the other to get to places. Good job, girl!

You've also started lunging forward. I know you are not crawling yet, but it's so fun watching you on the move. The other day you lunged forward to Pargo and brushed your hand against his hair. Maybe it was an accident, but it sure was nice to see.

You are a fountain of drool and absolutely obsessed with putting everything in your mouth. Everything that is, your slowly increasing hand-eye coordination can muster.

We are loving every minute of you. Seriously, there's nothing better than a cuddle with my soft+sweet Anna.

not happy on the scale


  1. I can hear her cries coming from that last picture! Happy 4 months little one!

  2. The Best of TimesJuly 14, 2010 at 11:39 PM

    We're actually getting to enjoy her a lot more now. No longer are we relegated to the roles of feeders and cleaners, but we actually get to play with her. Her reaction to things are always something special.

  3. It is amazing how quickly Anna is growing! Won't be long before she starts talking and asking "But why, mommy??"

  4. Four months already! She's so big!! I love that last picture for some reason. Keeping it real. :D


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