19 weeks + weekend report

OMG...the heat. Isn't it pretty unbearable? How is everyone coping?

We are staying in as much as we can, but actually ended up going out for a few hours on both days. On Saturday we went to see a house that seemed great online (a front porch AND a screen-in deck AND a wooded backyard), but once we walked in, everything else about the house just didn't give us that 'wow' feeling. So we passed.

Today we visited more houses (very nice!) and may pursue on one of them. We shall see what happens...

Since we were already out, we decided to go to the mall to cool off and let Anna people-watch. The mall was packed and Anna was fascinated by everything. I guess the stimulation was a wee bit too much though because she clonked right out once we strapped her back in the car seat.

Photo: Until we take her to Disney World, hope this little visit to the Disney Store inside the mall will tide her (...or us) over.

{Happy 19 weeks, Tinkerbell!}


  1. :) I think Anna's mommy or daddy will need to have that outfit shortened up a bit... :)

    And the heat is awful! Today we got a small break though...

  2. my oldest daughter loves the Disney Store. One day we hope to take her to Disney world. I think Anna would make a cute little tinkerbell!

  3. oh yes, it's totally HOT out these days, boo!! i basically sweat when i walk outside, not cool!! the mall is a great place to cool off!! hehe anna is soo cute!!

  4. We normally steer clear of crowded places, especially malls, but when you have a little baby and a limited number of toys and games, the mall is the best place in the world! She can people watch, window shop, and smell all sorts of junk food. Good distractions for now, but we'll have to make sure she doesn't get too attached to that type of enviornment.


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