18 Weeks and First Trip to DC

DC 18Jul2010
We finally made the 30-minutes drive and went into DC today! We woke Anna up from her sleep, carried her around in the heat (it was H.O.T), and took some pictures!

The trip wasn't all smooth sailing. Before we even had a chance to take any pictures, one giant poop soaked the cute yellow bubble one-piece that I had dressed Anna in. After a quick visit to the bathroom of the Ronald Reagen Building, she was all clean, but had to wear a plain old onesie for the remainder of the day. Boo.

This mini trip included dining alfresco near the White House, cooling off at some water jets, and taking family pictures with the Washington Monument as the backdrop. Anna did great (except here)- she saw so many new things! The feeding took extra long because she was distracted by...everything.

We didn't make it to many landmarks this time. Did I mention it was H.O.T? But just as well because on the way back to the car, Baby A fell asleep in the Bjorn. The 2 hour trip was just right.

When she's older and 20 degrees cooler, we will definitely visit again.

{Happy 18 weeks, baby!}

DC 18Jul2010
More images from the trip here.


  1. Anna is a trooper, she survived hours strapped to a sweaty fat man and never even complained. That's my girl!

  2. It's really nice that you guys are going places with Anna in toll! Like the pic of wet (not fat;), sweaty daddy & Anna at the mini fountain. :) And what a pretty diaper bag you have!

  3. :)

    Did Anna say "Hi" to President Obama? (or is he away on vacation?)

    Luke looks like he enjoyed getting his feet wet.


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