tummy time + Pesto

Anna... can't get enough of her! It seems like she is changing daily, trying new things, developing new skills. She doesn't complain too much while on her tummy anymore (maybe it's because Pesto is always there cheering her on), and I get excited every time I see it. She's the best!

We just had a long tummy time session and she worked so hard that she's resting. Perfect time for me to put these pictures up for you to see!

Tummy Time
Hi Mama


  1. Looks like Pesto needed a nap too! He certainly loves his newest family member.

  2. Hehehe...looks like Tiny Tong wore herself out! Wish I was home with you guys, but someone has to shovel crap around to make a buck. Now if only Pargo would start warming up to our little baby...

  3. It's so lovely to seeing Pesto getting along so well with Anna. How do they interact?

  4. @ knickknacks: Not much interaction right now...it's mostly just Pesto hanging around Anna whenever she's at his level. I think Anna is definitely starting to notice the dogs, though. Sometimes she (accidentally, maybe?) brushes her hands against them.

  5. your baby is so cute! love your beautiful little family.


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