thank you, bumbo & baby bach

Baby Bach
Because of you guys, I found time to 1) feed myself, 2) tape Pesto's white hair off my red couch, and 3) snap these cute pictures.

Thank you, Bumbo, for helping Anna sit upright now that she's no longer content with lounging on the bouncer. (Yes, that girl of mine doesn't know how to enjoy the good life yet.)

Thank you, Baby Bach, for being so interesting and captivating that my girl was quiet + still for 20 minutes. I don't quite understand what's so fascinating about random images of fruits and vegetables...but as long as baby is happy, Mama is happy.

You are both very much appreciated!


  1. Haha..this is such a cute sight! Is Anna putting something in her mouth??

  2. enjoy the bumbo and bach! Soon your babe will be sitting up on her own in no time. Goes by in a blink of an eye!

  3. :) She's so cute - and obviously her attention is pinned on whats in front of her!

  4. Adorable! She looks like she's concentrating so hard.

  5. I love the bumbo seat. It was soooo helpful!

  6. @ knickknacks: that would be her burp cloth. Putting the burp cloth up to her mouth is actually good because it soaks up her drool so she can keep herself clean. Less work for us. :)


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