So...Monday again.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Mine was good. Busy. Lots of running around visiting both sides of family...and little Anna was a trooper through it all. Not one single fuss came out of her. And good news! - it looks like her stranger anxiety was only temporary. She was in such a happy mood, hopping from one set of arms to another and treating everyone like old friends.

After a busy weekend and with the sweltering heat forecasted for the week, we are staying in the next 5 days with the air conditioner cranked up high. Got two boxes of ice cream sandwiches in the freezer ready for action. Despite the heat, am loving this time of the year. The sun is bright and the days are lasting forever. Not too mention the lazy days I get to spend with my girl + puppies.

It may just be the beginning, but am wishing summer 2010 will never end.

Papa's Day 2010
More images from the weekend here.


  1. Looks like Anna had fun! =)
    I'm melting in this heat and we have no air conditioner in this apt! I should stock up on the ice cream as well...just finished one tub yesterday!

  2. She does look happy to be held! Thankfully it's not that hot here.

  3. It's hot and humid as August over here. I really hopes it cools down a tiny bit! Enjoy the A/C and play time with Anna and the puppies. As cool as it is in the confines of my bedroom, I just can't stay away from the sun for too long.

  4. Is it Friday yet? I love weekends, all I want are weekends. I don't think I'll goto work anymore. No, I think I'll just stop responding to emails and calls, the paychecks will eventually stop. But that's fine, I'll just enjoy time at home with Tiny Tong until she goes off to school. yup!

  5. Those additional pictures of Papa's Day are wonderful!

    I like the one where Anna's head is being touched (by a cousin?)


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