My 7 Must-Haves & 3 Nice-To-Haves

I loved reading new moms' baby gear recommendations while I was pregnant, so I thought I'd do a post on my own recommendations - what I've found essential for the past 3 months.

**My Must-Haves**

1. Diapers and wipes. Whenever I see a good deal, I buy diapers and wipes by the truckload. Our spare bedroom has been overtaken by boxes and boxes of 'em. I *think* I have enough diapers and wipes to last Anna until mid next year.

2. Breast pump and bottles. I didn't think my little manual pump would work out since I pump exclusively, but since cutting down to pumping just 3 times a day, I really have no need to buy an electric one anymore. My pump is a lifesaver since I gave up breastfeeding almost from the very beginning, but still wanted to feed Anna breast milk. As for the bottles, I really lucked out that I didn't have to search high and low to find bottles that Anna likes. I use Born Free and have 6 of them in rotation.

3. Old-school cloth diapers as burp cloths. These are super soft and absorbent. I go through these like mad and can easily say they are one of the best purchases we made. They clean up all sort of messes, definitely not just for burping.

4. Onesies. ...and lots and lots them to avoid doing laundry every single day. To get more mileage, I bought mostly 3-6 months onesies when pregnant. If I can have a do-over, I would buy at least a handful of smaller ones (newborn size) that fit her better as a newborn.

5. The bouncer. I don't have bionic arms and can't hold the baby all the time. The bouncer is a place for me to put Anna down without having to put her completely flat. This way she can still see the world around her. I never expected this to be the most used baby gear, but it is worth every penny. There is no need to buy the fanciest one out there. We don't use the vibration and turn on the music for only about 10 minutes a day. I have this one.

6. Car seat. Because we wouldn't be able to take Anna anywhere without one. I have the Graco Travel System.

7. Pencil and paper. To keep track of Anna's feeding time and amount. Because as a new mom, I have too much other stuff going on to remember.

**My Nice-To-Haves**
Everything else we bought/received* falls under the Nice-To-Haves category, however, there are some particular items we use especially frequently and are extremely helpful when taking care of Anna.

1. Pack 'n Play. I like the changing table and its built-in storage for diapers and wipes. As for the bassinet, we basically just use it as a place to hold all Baby A's toys to keep our place tidy. As she gets older, we will remove the bassinet and use the playpen for its real purpose.

diaper change

2. Aden and Anias swaddle blankets. These blankets are made of thin stretchy (and breathable!) muslin and they’re giant - which makes them perfect for swaddling. At around 11-12 week, we stopped swaddling Anna, but these still make nice blankets to cover her up when we have the air condition running. I also use them for tummy time.

3. Bralettes (no real nursing bras for me) and nursing pads keep me comfy.

Conclusion: It really doesn't take that much to raise a baby!

*Here are all the stuff we bought/received for Anna.


  1. hello! i am new to your blog and think it is just lovely! your baby is SUPER adorable too!!

  2. Great post!
    And by the way, your pictures of Anna are awesome! I love the way you've documented her activities as she's grown.

  3. Mid next year!! holy cows!!! :) How many does diapers she "use" a day?

  4. I think you left out "Super Handy Helpers" such as yours truly. All this gear is nice, but a helping hand from a not so sucky new Papa has got to be somewhere on that list!


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