the last weekend of june

I had a nice, relaxing weekend* and here are the reasons why:

* Slept in on Saturday while hubs bonded with took care of baby. What a luxury to wake up feeling refreshed.
* Saw Toy Story 3 in 3D. I give this movie 10 blazing stars. Have you seen it? You should. Like, now.
* Late-night $6 pizza from Dominos. And cinnamon sticks.
* Family party on the bed. Highlight: Pargo "pawed" baby for tummy rub for the first time. So nice to see the siblings interact.
* Baby behaved like a dream while being dragged around to see open houses in the heat. One lady commented - she's such a good and mellow baby!

It was a simple weekend.

And as expected, it went by a little too quickly.


  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend! :)

    Heard good reviews abt Toy Story. My friend said she teared twice during the movie! Will probably watch it when it is out on DVD.:)

    Aw...Wish you had captured the moment when Pargo "pawed" Anna!

  2. haha, "relaxing" is so "yesterday" since Sasha was born!

  3. :) Smiling big at Pargo wanting a belly rub from Anna.

    I've only heard great things about Toy Story 3. I better get watching it!


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