Dear Blogger:

I know you are free and all, but I am not pleased. Months ago, I noticed that pictures in some of my older posts have disappeared! I meant to look into it, but I delivered a baby and things got crazy. Now that I am gaining some free time back and I am going through my older posts again, I found that more pictures have vanished! I work very hard on my posts - especially my travel posts - and I am frustrated that this happened.

So again, I know you provide a free service and, because of that, I am sticking with you, but I am so, so upset. Just FYI.

Your unhappy customer,

Have any of you experienced this? Pictures from my 01/08 and earlier posts have randomly disappeared. As far as I know, Blogger has unlimited storage, so this may just bad luck on my part. Anyway, I don't know why or how it happened, but it did, and I can't get over that all the time I put into in writing those posts are wasted.

I don't have a way in getting those pictures back, but I did find a solution to prevent this from happening in the future. One word: Flickr. Thanks to hubs, I now have a "pro" account in Flickr and all the pictures in my blog posts (from this point forward) will be linked from it. With the "pro" account, I have unlimited uploads and storage. I tried using Flickr before, but stopped soon after because with a regular account, I could only upload ~30 pictures a month. All these missing pictures was enough for us to get the "pro" account without much of a thought.

Because of Flickr, we decided to widen the main column on {sugarlens} to accommodate bigger picture size. And I think my blog looks a lot better!

So buh bye missing pics, but a big hello (again) to Flickr.


  1. Blogger uses Picassa (Google's Picture Album) service and photo-storage is not unlimited. The free Picassa service gives you 1 Gbyte and when you go over "quota" I don't know what happens.

  2. P.s., I like the new layout - it seems .. roomier! :)

  3. @ Intense Guy: I looked and can't find exactly how much I space I've used. Anyway, if I did go over "quota" and pictures start deleting on their own, I would think it would start from my very first post (from 4/07), but the pictures from that post are still there. Ugh.

  4. I have been blogging for just over a year now, but decided that each year, the blog will be printed in book form....this way I have a hard copy! The first book turned out GREAT!

  5. I like the new width. And flickr is awesome!

  6. The new width is great if it means wider pics of Anna!

  7. Oh man, I didn't even think that the pictures could start being deleted once we went over a limit. I'm so sorry for your loss. But I agree with the others though, I like the wider pictures you started posting. they really make the page pop!

  8. I'm in favor of the wider column. This will showcase all your great pictures. Have a great weekend!


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