Anna @ 3.5 Months

I am finding myself forgetting the details about Anna's first few months of life that I am going to start document more of her on the blog (I know, I know, like my blog isn't entirely all about her already). Anyway, I don't usually do half month posts, but thought I would do one this month.

Anna is 3.5 months old. She has a very good sleeping habit. We put her down for the night around 9-10pm and she SLEEPS THROUGH THE NIGHT until 6am...or later! She naps 4 times a day, lasting anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours. Since learning to put herself down for naps, life has been grand. Sometimes she still needs a bit of rocking to calm down, though.

She eats 5 times a day. We consistently give her 140-150cc per feeding and sometimes she eats every last drop and sometimes she doesn't. She has been eating less since dropping the overnight bottle. In the past 2 weeks, she eats 600-700cc a day. Less than what she ate when she was younger. I hope she's still on track as far as growth.

After having way too many diaper blow-outs, we switched to size 2 diapers just a couple of days ago. Sigh, my little girl is growing up all too fast.

When she is on her tummy, I can see that she is beginning to bring her knees up and giving a little kick – the first signs of crawling.

When she's on her back, she twists halfway - attempts to roll over - but her arm gets in the way. I am anxiously waiting for her to reach this milestone...but know that she will do it when she's ready.

Anna is as happy as ever. She gives out smiles generously and her squinty-eyed laugh-out-loud looks are precious. Her giggles and laughs can turn any frowns upside down.

She loves music and tolerates books.

She's just such a pleasure to be with.

Video: I am fairly certain no one can make Anna laugh like hubs can.


  1. awwww anna is adorable!! i remember when my nephew was only a few months old and my brother was the only one who could make him laugh really loud!!

  2. :) I'm sure Luke's wonderful sense of humor will always make Anna smile and laugh.

  3. awww. I love when baby starts to laugh. i can hear babies and children laughing all day! By the way I tagged you. Not sure if I told you already but check it out here:


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