sleeping bug

Guess who woke up all happy this morning after the longest stretch of sleep ever?
My sweet little girl.
11pm to 6am.
That's 7 hours of peaceful, restful slumber (...for me as well).
That's amazing.
That's life-changing.


  1. She looks so contented! I presume this was taken after a nice long feed following the nice long sleep! =)

  2. Fish Fish Fish, I love Fish!May 22, 2010 at 2:49 PM

    She looks like she's doing the Karate Kid crane stance in the third pic. And it's neat how a simple change of clothes can give our little girl a quick gender makeover to the untrained eye. Still though, to her mama and papa, we'll always see our cute little baby girl each and every time.

  3. :) Now she is all set to sit up and eat some mushy lima beans. :)

    I'm glad she is catching on to the "sleep at night" thing so quickly!


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