Road Trip to Charlottesville

Over the weekend, we decided to test the waters of traveling with a baby and settled on the destination of my college town - Charlottesville. It had been over 4 years since we last visited and I couldn't wait to finally take some outdoor pictures of our little family.

The two-hour drive down was nothing eventful as Anna slept the entire way. However, once we got to the restaurant where we met up with hubs' friend, everything went south. Anna had a big diaper blow out - through her diaper, onesie, blanket, AND onto the car seat. Things went further downhill when, for whatever reason, little A cried and whined through the entire meal. The lunch was a nonstop dance of grabbing a few bites and taking her outside. Yes, we officially became one of those parents that we used to stare and point at.

Once we got to the campus (or grounds, using the proper UVA lingo), we had a great time walking around and taking pictures. Hubs carried Anna using Baby Bjorn for the first time and she loved it! Happy all the way and not even a small whimper came out of her. Eventually, she fell asleep in the carrier and, shortly after that, we called it a day.

Unfortunately, she had another one of her meltdown episodes and cried for more than half of the drive home. I questioned again and again if all the work was worth it, but once we were home and I looked through the pictures, it was clear that the trip was not a complete failure and I am looking forward to our next road trip.

Happy Feet
Future Wahoo?
More images of the trip here.


  1. Joyce, you look so beautiful with Anna, and Luke looks like a happy Daddy:)

  2. I agree with Irena. A more joyful and lovely couple with their baby would be hard to find...

    I hope Anna begins to get the hang of traveling soon! I know you two want to take her to all kinds of places.

  3. good thing you didn't go to philly. ken needs to clean up his place more before its suitable for a baby.

  4. Booo to missing pictures!June 2, 2010 at 6:37 AM

    Hope you enjoy your new Flickr Pro account dear. I know you didn't like Blogger losing all the old pics from your previous posts. I also edited your template a bit to make the main column wider to fit the medium sized pics. I edited this post too so that you can see it with bigger pics. Only thing is now your banner needs to get bigger, but that's fine, you can just add some more polaroids.

  5. These pictures are so cute. Sorry about all the blowouts but I'm glad you were able to go on a road trip. At anna's age, my daughter used to cry anytime she was in a car. That's worst. Trust Me!

  6. Yay to the first road trip! Hopefully Anna will start getting used to being out more! =)

  7. Wow, babies are tricky little things huh? I bet you were prepared with a whole bag of just-in-case onesies. The pictures came out great though and little by little she'll get the hang of being out and about :)


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