Our (Potential) Crib: Status Update

The past two days have been hectic. After accepting our offer on 4/28, the contract was ratified the very next day. Then a whirlwind of activities commenced...all while trying to juggle a needy baby. Buying a house and taking care of an infant at the same time? Not recommended.

Things are moving as smoothly as it can be, though. The bank has all our finances in order and an appraisal is in the works. This morning was the home inspection and, except for some minor details, the house seems to be in tiptop condition. I like the house even more now after walking through it for the second time.

But I kind of got overwhelmed, to be honest. Lots of yard work, cleaning, and decorating in our future. We need to turn this great big house into a cozy home. Just have to keep this in mind: It won't happen overnight...or even in 5 years. Baby steps.

If all goes well, we close on the 25th and the whole moving thing will happen over the long weekend. Am not happy about it, but thinking that it should be the last one in a while makes me actually look forward to it!


  1. They say, "Home is where the Heart is..."

    :) Soon your house will be a home.

  2. Hmm...inspector found polybutylene as the water main pipe. Not good, gonna request sellers replaces this. That and along with several other stuff may derail this whole thing. Oh well, there may be no Oak Hill in our future.

  3. Beautiful house!! Good luck, guys!

  4. Oh it looks beautiful, girl!! I hope the move is quick and painless.


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