moving sale goodies

Taking advantage of my time at home and great weather, I went to a moving sale this morning with my mom and picked up a few random things. All for a grand total of two bucks.

1. An assortment of cookie cutters. From snowman, to heart, to candy cane, to pumpkin. I got them covered for all major holidays. Mmmm...looking forward to not only making yummy but also cute shortbread cookies.

2. Miniature terracotta flower pots. Am thinking about personalizing them with some paint and planting wildflowers.

3. Bright red cloth napkins and ceramic flower napkin holders. There is something about this combo that makes you feel like a grown-up. I want to host an early-afternoon soiree just so I can show them off.

4. An egg beater with heart-shaped handle. How fun.

5. A bag of wooden clothespins, which I am planning on turning them into something fun and festive. Sort of like these.

6. Finally, a pair of light green and yellow square dishes that I can pretty much use them for whatever.

Well, I didn't think I would enjoy digging through other people's unwanted items, but it was time well spent! Second-hand, reused, re-purposed. I confess, I like them all.


  1. Ooh they all sound like great finds for super cheap! Stocking up for the new home?

  2. @ Dorkys: The house actually didn't work out (boo)...but that's another post for another day.

  3. Eh... Useless stuff. Then again, I'll probably appreciate them once I get a nice warm snowman cookie in my mouth.

  4. Somehow I think you would ferret out a good deal no matter where you were... :) You got a awesome bargain-finder's nose.

    :( about the house - I know you've been looking for a long time now. I hope your dream home gets found soon.


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