Making Baby A: Postpartum

I had my postpartum checkup today. This visit was the last in the long line of checkups that started with my first prenatal appointment. I have come a long way and, to end my pregnancy posts, I thought I would write about my recovery process.

Pregnancy is hard. Labor and delivery is harder (or supposedly, but I got lucky) than that. And recovery is harder than that. The days following the delivery were brutal - hard to sit, hard to stand, hard to walk, hard to do anything. I won't go into details, but I gradually felt better as the weeks went by and considered myself fully recovered between weeks 5-6. If I can give one piece of advice to the mothers-to-be, it would be: make sure to have someone taking care of YOU during the first weeks and move as little as possible.

Although the pain is gone, my body is most certainty not the way it used to be. By the time I delivered, I had gained 30 pounds (pregnancy was 39w3d). The first few weeks after I gave birth, the weight melted away fast. I wasn't active. I stayed at home most of the time and did no exercise.

I thought I was on my way to be one of the few who drops to her pre-pregnancy weight without lifting a finger.


Since about 1.5 weeks ago, I haven't dropped a pound. Currently, I am still 8 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight. But, I am not too concerned about the number on the scale.

What I am concerned about (and don't like) is my JELLY BELLY. It is very normal, though. After all, my skin and muscles were stretched out like a balloon for 9 months. If I “let it all hang out” I look 3 months pregnant. My jeans don't fit. My shorts don't fit. I can only wear stretchy pants.

To be completely honest, while I LOVE being a mother, I just don’t want to have a “mommy tummy”. And I can see how this will continue to become more of a problem as time goes by. So, I am determined to get back to flatten my tummy somewhat.

As for my postpartum checkup, the doctor said I healed very well. She has no concerns and gave me the green light to go back to my old lifestyle. She casually mentioned not to get pregnant again in the next six months as it would be very hard on my body. I don't have a problem with that. One baby is too much to handle...for now. :)


  1. Your body is never the same after you have a baby. Unless you're a movie star with a trainer and can work out all day.

  2. I'm just happy hearing you are as healthy as your cute little one. :)

  3. Glad things are going well. You are a great mother. Keep up the good work:) She is a doll!

  4. Great news and I'm happy things are rolling along smoothly. I had to laugh at the not getting pregnant tip, though. I'm sure that won't be a hard one to follow for now :p


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