Hats Off to "They Draw and Cook"

For me, cooking is a thing of the past. These days, I am a pro at using the microwave oven and those readily-mixed jars of sauce are my best friends. What's the point of cooking an elaborate meal when this baby of mine starts crying the second we are about to begin eating?

It's still fun to look, though. I still drool over food blogs and today I get to add another one to my right sidebar - They Draw and Cook. This wonderful website translates recipes into cute artwork. Stinkin' cute artwork!

If you’d like to see more amazing recipe artwork, make sure to check out They Draw and Cook blog!


  1. Those are adorable recipes! I love it!

  2. Thanks for sharing! Happy recipes make happy meals! :)

  3. Cute buffalo.. I wonder where the sauce comes from...


  4. I came across this site too last week and I fell in love! The drawings are so wonderful I almost forget that there's a recipe written on them. I also forget about the tiny fact that I hate to cook, but these recipe pages look so fun, I want to try. I have a certain one bookmarked on my reader :)


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