Baby Anna: Week Seven

Miss A is 7 weeks old today! She is continuing to thrive - eating well and packing on the We won't know exactly how much she weighs until her next well check, but Pesto is getting increasingly more uncomfortable whenever Anna sits on him so I can only imagine she's getting heavier.

As I mentioned before, Anna is fussy at times...and I think I found the culprit. Overtired baby = FUSSINESS. Long story short, I need to learn to recognize Anna's sleepy signs and put her down for naps immediately before the fussiness starts. This sleeping thing is basically the center of my universe right now. I hate seeing Anna fuss - I get frustrated and she's not getting the rest she needs to grow.

On another note, Anna is starting to smile and coo spontaneously and it just grabs my heart! I think she's the cutest thing ever. Don't you agree? :)

Lastly, a video. My little girl isn't a fan of tummy time, but she LOVES to bounce. Look for her expression at the end. Cuteness overload!


  1. :) The other character in the video has a great smile too.

  2. Haha..that is so cute! :) I thought she was about to cry at first!

  3. Your daughter is so cute! I hope your baby is getting better with her fussiness. It does get better as they get older too. You'll get through it!


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