Baby Anna Turns 2 Months!

Hey Tiny Tong,

You are two months (+ four days) old. How can that be? You are growing so big and so painfully fast that we no longer count your age in weeks, but months. At your two-months well checkup today, you aced your round 1 immunizations. Hardly a peep out of you when the nurse stuck your chunky thighs with needles. Such brave girl! And I think you became your ped's favorite patient today with all those gummy smiles!

Even more fun than watching you grow so big, is watching those bright brown eyes of yours become more focused and more curious every day. You have discovered just about every single facial expression in the book and use your voice now for more than just blood-curdling crying. Your coos are irresistibly adorable. Yes, you are becoming one fine baby.

I am enjoying you more and more each day, if that's even possible. Good news, Mama finally decided to stay home until the end of the summer with you. We are going to have so much fun, baby. You just wait.


  1. Tiny Tong is the best! She took the medicine like a champ and the shot barely even bothered her. I wonder where she gets it from? Tong and I hate doctors!

  2. She is a champ! :) She looks so contented in the first pic with those tiny bubbles from her cute little mouth! =)

  3. She didn't cry AT ALL for the shots?? Are you sure the baby was breathing?? Maybe she passed out from the pain? Poor honeybunny.

    That needle is like 4 inches long, and they jam it into 4 different places!! Sasha screamed like she was being stabbed to death - and our baby NEVER screams unless she is in pain. 4 months was worse - I think she knew already what was coming. I was in tears myself - both for 2 month and 4 month. Now we've got the 6 months coming up next week....wish me luck.

  4. Happy 2 moths! that's so great you get to stay at home with Anna a bit longer. This phase goes by so fast. Enjoy it.

  5. Happy two months and happy stay-at-home all summer!


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