Anna's Baby Book: 10w4d

[First, a note: I apologize to those readers who started reading before this blog became 99.99% about my baby, but until I am off maternity leave I have virtually nothing else in my life and hence, nothing else to write about. So for the time being, bear with me as I gosh about my little one.

But since I am not keeping a baby scrapbook, this blog is serving as that. So it is likely that even after my maternity leave, this blog will be 98% about the girl pictured below. Thankyouverymuch for reading!]

Anna is 10w4d old.

She has very good control of her head. She can turn to look at things. She notices people when they walk into and out of the room. And smiles a lot.

Her cute factor has also risen threefold this week, as she is quite a chatterbox. I can't seem to get over how cute she sounds! So fun.

If she's awake and I make eye contact with her, and talks to her… she will immediately goo and gaa and sing back with smiles, chuckles, and a little sparkle in her eye.

She can bring her hand to her mouth and suck on her entire fist.

New for this week, is that she doesn't like strangers. She screams bloody murder when anyone other than her Mama and Papa picks her up. Heck, she starts to wail when strangers just look at her. This includes her Grandma C, who has been taking care of her daily (4 hours each day) since she was 5 weeks old. I hope she gets over this fast...because we have a boat to catch soon!


  1. My son is starting to dislike strangers as well! I thought he was way too young to start that already, but sure enough. I, too, hope it passes fast because it makes it so hard to leave him with anyone other than us then.

  2. Don't worry, you little one will love grandma soon! Mine was the same way for the first little while. Now that we're staying at my mom's during our renovation, she's totally loving both grandma and grandpa!

  3. No need to apologize - your blog is your blog... and your baby is your world...


  4. @ donya: I, too, thought it was way too early. I thoughts kids don't become shy or wary of strangers until at least a year old.

    @ flora: Good to hear!

    @ Intense Guy: Yup, this baby is my world. :)

  5. Reading your blog now is sort of like reading my own future. hehe. At least I will know what to expect when my little one comes out! ;)
    Things should improve once you begin work and Anna starts getting used to not having you there all the time. It will all work out and you guys will have that well deserved break! =)


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