advantages of a small-ish place

Unfortunately (...or maybe a blessing in disguise), our potential crib didn't work out.

I spoke too soon when I said the house seems to be in a tiptop condition. It was not. While the owners took care of the 19-year old house, they never replaced anything such as the roof, windows, or HVACs. Since we were going to put a large chunk of our savings as down payment, we didn't want to spend more on fixing up the house. So...after going back and forth with the sellers trying to negotiate what they were willing to replace, the deal eventually ended.

I am not too disappointed. It was a great house, but admittedly, a bit out of our price range. We have always aimed for houses that could easily be afforded with just one income. If we had bought this particular house, we would not be able to live comfortably with just one person working. Which means, no vacations, no savings, no fun splurges. And I like my vacations, savings, and fun splurges. So, no biggie that it didn't work out. The search continues.

I started thinking about how living in a small-ish 1200sq condo actually isn't too terrible with an infant. Of course, once Anna is mobile, my hope is to have a bigger place for her to crawl and play. However, until then, I see some advantages of a small-ish space.

: Less money. Unless you are resourceful, decorating and furnishing a nursery may cost an arm and a leg. We skipped the nursery entirely. Baby A's crib is next to our bed.

: More convenience. Since A's crib is in our bedroom, we can easily hear when she wakes up at night for her feeding. And speaking of feeding, we simply walk a few steps to the kitchen, instead of going downstairs if living in a house with multiple levels, to warm up the milk. Trust me, when you are sleepy, the less you have to walk the better.

: Less clutter. Because our place is small-ish, we are careful with what we buy. We don't have all the baby products deemed must-haves by the baby industry, such as baby monitor, wipe warmer, bottle warmer, diaper genie, or baby swing. We have very basic things to take care of Anna and not missing the luxuries. Or maybe we don't know what we are missing...? Either way, Anna is a happy baby.

Do I want a bigger place for our family? Of course! But I take comfort in that we are managing just fine and saving more moolah along the way.


  1. My home office has been completely obliterated by this iddy biddy girl. It used to just be me and the two boys, and now, there are two girls around all the time!!! Not that I'm complaining, I love them all.

    But yes, Camberley Forest can kiss my ass! We'll find a home better and cheaper than you!

  2. We are on the same page on this one. It is always nice to coo at someone else's nice big home but there's alot $$$ pumped into maintaining it that we don't see. Smaller and less furniture is definitely more manageable. You are certainly better off using the money for a nice getaway together. Besides, it won't be long before Anna starts running around and it sure isn't going to be too fun chasing her all over a huge place!:)

    Btw, what is a diaper genie?

  3. Haha..Pesto is so cute all stretched out like that! :)

  4. Sorry about the house. :( But sometimes it's nice to be cozy while you can, before Anna starts demanding her own personal space.

  5. I like how you labeled things in the picture. Is that some sort of photoshop font?

    ...and Pesto looks so comfy! I don't think he thinks you need to move (any time soon)!


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