10 Things I Love About You

10 things I love about Miss Anna these days {at 2 days shy of 2 months}:

1. Stretching out her feeds to about every 3-3.5 hours during daytime. Getting up to eat just ONCE at night. Eating 100-130cc per feeding, 6-7 times a day.
2. Rocking tummy time. Holding her head up high. Rolling over from tummy to back when the mood is right.
3. Coos! That girl is quite a conversationalist.
4. Her smiley face in the morning. She's a happy baby when she's fed, well-rested, and clean.
5. A little bit less fussy...or maybe we are just getting better in dealing with it!
6. Wore a dress for the first time and looked SO CUTE.
7. The way she just stares and stares and stares. She is getting more interested in the world around her.
8. The other day she looked for me! She was on the couch with hubs and I went to the bathroom. Hubs said her head just kept on turning and turning. He brought her to the bathroom and her head turning stopped when she saw me.
9. It seems like she's spitting up less now...
10. ...but is having more exploding diapers lately. Still, loving that because that means she's healthy! Right?


  1. Yup, no longer is she simply a little bundle of blubber that takes in milk on one end and deposits sugar loads into diapers, she is starting to develop little signs of being an actual human being! Exciting times for sure, I still can't get enough of her head turning and eye tracking. The little mouthing mimics she does when we talk to her are great too.

  2. Oh..you are bringing out all the maternal instincts in me too! I want a baby STAT! haha!
    Show us pics of her in the dress! :)

  3. :) She is blossoming before your (and our) eyes.


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