This Morning

Today is our 7th Date-versary!

We -
: Took the dogs to get mail. Wet ground = very dirty dogs.
: Washed, dried, brushed the dirty dogs.
: Fed a crying baby.
: Changed the crying baby 2x.
: Wiped the crying baby's face and neck.
: The baby spat up. Crying stopped.
: The baby proceeded to poop through her diapers, stained her onesie and her Mama's pants.
: Her Papa decided a bath was in order. He bathed the baby.
: In the meantime, Mama put laundry in the washer and washed the bottles in the sink.
: Mama dried the baby and dressed her in duckies head to toe.

All these events happened before 9:17am this morning.

Geeze, was anyone else even awake then?

Happy Date-versary, babes!

Can't think of anyone who I'd rather share this craziness with.


  1. Happy Anniversary too Tong. And Tiny Tong ended the day last nite with another overflowing diaper for us. She knew it was a special day and wanted to give us double the presents! I wonder what we'll get next year from her? Ai ni oh!

  2. Goodness, what a busy morning! And no, I don't think I was even awake yet.

  3. Happy anniversary guys!!

    We feel your pain - boy, do we ever!:) And yes, we were also awake (since 6:40)

    Here is something to look forward to for your WEDDING anniversary in September: the baby's outfit will stay clean all day and you have to change her each day if only just to show others that you do actually care for the child:) THIS is a good day:)

    PS - The bottles, laundry, and butt still need washing...

  4. Haha..looks like chaos! (in a good way!) =)
    I presume the rest of that day went smoothly and you had a great anniversary together? ;)


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