Our (Potential) Crib

Oh my! They accepted our offer!

After years and years of looking for (our definition of) a perfect house, we finally found it and may be homeowners soon!

Stay tuned...


  1. Make sure you put enough aside to buy a snow shovel!!

    :) And I'm envious... I hope your new home is well-worth the long wait and all the effort of searching.

  2. Looks gorgeous! Where is this place? (general area, I understand you can't disclose too much yet!) It looks like it's out in the woods!! Prepare to shovel much snow, as already commented!

  3. Oh wow, it looks great (and huuuge) from above! I can only imagine how great the interior will look once you've done your magic on it. Awesome news!

  4. Still not a done deal yet, but here's to hoping.

  5. my goodness. i've been gone a long time.
    not only have you gotten pregnant,
    you've had a gorgeous baby girl,
    and you're about to buy a house.

    oh my goodness. HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE A MOMMY?

  6. What a gorgeous home! Congratulations!


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