the end of 3 week update (...a bit early though)

Anna is almost 3 weeks old and, I may be biased, as cute as a button.

While I don't know many babies to compare her to, I consider her a very happy and contented little baby. She wakes up to eat every 2-3 hours and usually falls right back to sleep immediately after. She has her alert moments once in the morning and once at night. During that time, we talk to her, read to her, listen to Baby Mozart, and let her have some time on the play mat or bouncer.

(Here she is on her bouncer, which is equipped with lights, music, and vibration. We don't have any batteries so right now it's simply a place to put her. Even without all the extras, she's still as happy as a clam!)

She is beginning to look at things with interest and reach out to grab our shirts when we hold her. At our 2-week baby appointment this past Monday, the doctor commented that she has great neck strength! I am a proud Mama.

Anna does have some fussy moments. At night right before she goes to sleep, she's fussier than usual. We could've just fed her, changed her, and burped her, but she would still scream until her face turns red. The only cure is her binky. I don't want her to be dependent on her binky and I also read that it's bad for the baby's gum and teeth development, but it's the only thing that works so we give it to her for now. But after 3-6 months, I am hoping we can quit cold turkey.

So overall, Anna is growing and changing everyday. Next week will bring new challenges because hubs is on travel. Hopefully us girls will do just fine!


  1. aw she looks just like mama!
    this is really cute. one day she'll look back to this blog and can read every single thing. priceless! i wish i had that! but im definitely doing that for my (future) baby. just like a diary!
    keep up the baby entry! i lovee reading it :)

  2. Of course you are biased!! But you are right - she IS cute as a button!:) I can't stop looking as Sasha's picture either - I have one on my desk and one on my computer background, and one more on my fridge! and two or three on my dresser...and a mug with her pics too! LOL, you can never have too much of your baby!
    I want to see a picture of Anna head to toe - you seem to only do her face, I want to see her little arms and legs:) Love the blogging too! What a great way to document her babyhood.

  3. Actually, I think she is cuter than a button. :)

  4. @ Anonymous #2: I will try to get her arms and legs in the future. It's so darn hard to photograph babies.


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