Anna In Action: Playing on the Mat

Thanks to hubs' old buddy, we finally have a video camera to record all those precious baby moments!

Now I know that nearly all point-and-shoot cameras, such as mine, can also record little videos, but this particular one takes videos up to 10 feet under water and record it all in HD. It is fool-proof to use - I didn't even need to read the instruction manual to figure it all out.

I took this short video of Anna playing on her mat. She's starting to notice the animals hanging above and often hit or grab them.

Too adorable.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth ten thousand. I will probably post more videos in the future!

(Oh, video was shot in the living room on a cloudy day...the quality is much better when there is more light.)


  1. her little giraffe booties! And it's so cute to hear her hiccupping!=)

  2. Goodness! What a squirmy wormy! :) Nice seeing the cute little doggy sticking his face in to say hi to you too!

  3. OMG, how cute!! she's got the hiccups, but she perseveres cheerfully:) Look at her go with those little legs and arms!

  4. This is precious. I love the camera with the videos and if you're like me you'll take videos of everything!


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