On My To-Do List: Decorative Burp Cloths

The best burp cloths are actually Gerber cloth diapers. Lots of people say they are lousy for diapering (which I can't say I agree or disagree because we use Pampers) but are super absorbent as burp cloths (which I agree 100%!). I have found them incredibly handy when you have a newborn who spits up often. We have one in every corner of our little condo.

I found this tutorial online on jazzing up these plain white cloth diapers and turning them into cute burp cloths. (Here is another tutorial)

Once I find some time (and fabric and a sewing machine), I really want to try it out!


  1. Oh they're so cute and colorful!

  2. You are quite ... innovative! I'm sure when you get to sewing them, they will look snazzy!


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