Baby Anna: One Month

Baby Anna is one month old today. The Banana, Miss Chunky Monkey, my little girl. It's hard to believe you could wiggle your way even deeper into my heart than the moment I first met and held you exactly 31 days ago. What seems like a gazillion diapers, feedings, frustrating hours, and sleepless nights later, you are all the more the apple of my eyes.

This morning at your one-month checkup, I almost cried along with you when the nurse stuck you with a needle. Overall, you are healthy and happy. We just need to work hard on your sleeping schedule. Mama and Papa need our beauty sleep so we can better take care of you!

Baby A, sometimes I wish you came with a return policy, but secretly, I am over the moon that I get to keep you forever and watch you grow. Happy One Month, my darling!


  1. Wow...has it been one month already?

  2. Has it already been 1 month! That went by so quickly. She is so cute. I better stop looking at Anna's cuteness before my ovaries starts to get ideas.

  3. Anna grew a lot in one month!

  4. Happy one month birthday, Anna!
    Hope you have a gazillion more diapers ready!


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