Baby Activities

Anna is growing up. Instead of being a sleepy newborn, she is awake more often now. On most days, she is alert for 1-2 hours in the morning and again in the afternoon. And then she will surprise me with little alert moments every now and then throughout the day.

So how to keep her occupied while she's awake?

I have been doing the usual. I talk to her. Like, if I am on the computer, I will describe what I am browsing. I will read to her my Parents magazine. I also play soft baby music in the background. I put her on the play mat so she can kick her legs and punch her arms in the air. I put a blanket + mirror on the floor, put her on her tummy, and help her "crawl". I put her in the bouncer and just let her stare at her surrounding. I hold her under the arms and "stand" her in an upright position.

As much as I love helping Anna grow, all these activities wear me out! So sometimes I let her play on her own - on a good day, she can stare quietly in her crib at the mobile for 10 minutes straight! It's always a blessing when that happens.

Each day, I see her tracking objects more with her eyes, gaining better control of her head, and her leg muscles are helping her "stand" better. When I rattle my prenatal vitamin bottle near her right ear, she turns to the right and when I do the same near her left ear, she turns to the left.

So, so cute and amazing to watch.

The other day I did a quick search on more activities you can play with a newborn. I found this list. I am pleasantly surprised to learn that we have been doing most of it on our own. Still, I will continue to search for new activities to add some variety.

Photo: Anna with her brothers. I don't think Anna knows of their existence yet, but the puppies are definitely warming up to her. Pargo even licked her hand today!


  1. I found a whole list a while back, when Sasha was about the same age that Anna is now - this is about the age when all of a sudden they are awake and looking for a good time!:) Here is a link - have fun:)

  2. :) Pargo knows he is Anna's guardian - he is telling her he will protect her.

  3. Wow, she can do all that already?! Before you know she'll be flying off to college! Enjoy every moment :)

  4. This is very sweet. I'm looking forward to seeing Anna and her brothers grow up! :)

  5. Absolutely love this pic! Good to know they are all getting along! =)


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