Anna In Action: Alone Time

Not only it gives me a chance to brush out the knots in my hair, but I think giving Anna alone time is good for her development. I may be way ahead of myself, but hopefully this will help to develop her attention span and teach her to play independently when she's older.

This morning after our playtime, I put her down for a nap. Five minutes later when I went back to check on her, I found that she was wide awake and just staring into space. She wasn't fussing so I decided to just let her be (instead of shaking a rattle in her face or provide other stimulations like I usually do) and played Baby Bach to keep her company.

I think she enjoyed it for a while (as did I!)....before she screamed for attention.


  1. These videos are amazing:) Thanks for keeping up your posting! Looking forward to meeting her in person. You're such a fantastic mom.

  2. :) Anna has excellent taste in music. :)


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