Making Baby A: The Hospital Stay

During my pregnancy, lots of people asked where I would be delivering. Upon hearing Fair Oaks Hospital, they assured me that I would receive excellent care.

They were right.

My labor & delivery went without any hiccups. After spending an hour in the L&D room recovering, I was wheeled to the room where we would be staying for the next 2 nights. We had a rather spacious room all to ourselves and all the room service we wanted.

The nurses/staff came to check on us every couple of hours. There was a breastfeeding class taught by lactation consultants. There was a 24-hour nursery for parents who wanted extra help. There were medical supplies I needed to help feeling better. I felt so pampered.

Anna did just what a perfect baby was supposed to do at this stage – eat and sleep. As a result, I could also pretty much just eat and sleep.

Hubs stayed with us both nights on the little foldout couch. We had such a memorable time learning to take care of Anna and spending time as a new family. This is definitely something I won't be forgetting anytime soon...but in case memory starts to fade, we have videos to help us remember.

By the second morning (3/16), I was ready to be discharged and go home. After signing some paperwork, we packed up our baby (along with all the goodies hospital gave us - diapers, wipes, and formula) and took her home to start her life with our family.

I am so grateful for such an easy start.


  1. I hate doctors and avoid hospitals, they're full of sick and dying ppl! But this little baby wing at Fair Oaks was a very nice getaway. Good thing insurance is covering the bill, all that pampering was expensive.

    But it made for good memories and we will never forget them.


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