Baby Anna: Week One

Today Anna is one week old!

It's crazy to think she's already been here for a full week. Then again, not...We've been awake for most of it! It's been one amazing week of snuggling, staring, and just getting to know this little girl. Our camera can hardly keep up.

Thank goodness for the meals prepared by family, we haven't had to worry about what to eat. In fact, our fridge has never been fuller. Also with their help, I have been squeezing in naps in the afternoon and blogging/browsing sessions at night. Life is tiring, but it definitely could be a lot worse.

Naturally, with a newborn, this week was also filled with unnecessary excitements. Little A's umbilical cord fell off (er...maybe I knocked it?) on Day 3 - way too early - and that caused a bit of meltdown on my part. One explosive diaper resulted hubs giving her a bath in the middle of the night. Our little girl also has her day and night reversed - she sleeps all day and parties at night. We are making small progress in changing that behavior. It's working. Last night she slept for five hours straight. FIVE. Hubs and I had the best slumber since we got home.

All in all, we are adjusting well and just cherishing every single moment of our life of five.

More updates this upcoming week!


  1. A little tired, but a lot of happy. Life's good...

  2. Aww..cute! Looking forward to more updates! =)


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