my two other babies

I started thinking about how much less time I spend with Pargo + Pesto since little A came home. Before Anna, I poured all my attention to my two puppies. Nowadays, my whole day evolves around my little baby. They are definitely neglected.

The puppies are not scared of Anna - instead they are just tentative and curious about her. I am happy that they seem to accept her pretty well. I was especially worried about Pesto because he tends to demonstrate jealously behaviors. But he surprised me - he has been more than okay with her.

All in all, both puppies are doing fine, but I see them hanging around by themselves a lot when they used to be on our laps. :(

To make everything as normal for Pargo + Pesto as possible, we are not strict about keeping everything baby-related apart from them. For example, we don't wash hands after petting the puppies before handling Anna. We are more than fine with Anna laying on the same couch or bed that the puppies lay on. After all, aren't babies less prone to get allergies and have better immune system if they grow up with pets in the house?

I am optimistic that once I have a routine down, I will spend more time with the puppies again. The last thing I want is forgetting about my two fur babies.

PS. Happy Adopt-versary, Pargo! Thanks for bringing us so much joy the past 4 years!


  1. These pics of baby + puppies are so incredibly sweet!! That's great that you are able to still find a place in your life for the puppies - you are a better woman than me... Baby totally turned our lives upside down!

  2. What a beautiful photo of your two babies. :) I'm sure there are more to come as Anna gets bigger!

  3. We have fur babies and they had all the attention in the world before my first child was born. It's gotten so much better now that the kids are old enough to play with them. Our doggies are now in their senior years so they don't play as much as they used to but it's sweet how they just follow the kids around.

  4. Very beautiful photos of your three babies!

    :) Anna certainly seems to have adoped the pair too!


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