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MamAnna is now a new word in the Chong house lexicon - Mama + Anna. I'm glad to report that Joyce had absolutely no troubles popping out this little whopper of a baby. Anna is 8 lbs 2.3 oz (3.7 kg) and 20" long. She joined us early this morning at 5:57 and has checked out all healthy by all the various doctors and their needles. She had visits from both her grandparents and aunt, but pretty much slept through it all. She actually really likes to sleep and stays pretty quiet, except when it comes to baths.

MamAnna are both due to be released on Tuesday morning. Can't wait to get the family home so she can meet her fuzzy brothers. Till then, here are some pics. Oh, one more thing, the staff here at INOVA Fair Oaks simply kick ass!


  1. Congrats! Can't wait to meet the little one next time I go home...

  2. Oh my goodness!! Congratulations!! Eee! So cute :)

    Yay for the new family!

  3. Congrats to three of you !!!! She's so cute and definitely healthy, just look at her! I'm coming down.....

    Joyce did a great job. People used to say it would take a few days for the first birth.

    Luke, take good care of the girls !!!

  4. Congratulations!!! Mummy is looking radiant too! =) Enjoy parenthood!

  5. Congratulations, Joyce, Luke, on the new addition to the family!!!

  6. Congratulations!!!! She is beautiful! All the best to the 3 of you!

  7. :)

    Congrats! Oh it's always to nice to see a smiling, happy set of new parents with their bundle of joy!


  8. congratulations!!! best wishes & much happiness for the many adventures that's sure to come w/ this little one :D

  9. Great pictures, she is beautiful.....

    Lee, Mar & Pasha

  10. Congrats!!! How cute your baby is!!!!!!
    You both will be good parents for sure.
    Take a good care of yourself.
    I pray for you and your family from Japan.



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