Making Baby A, Week 38: 2 week countdown...(well, actually 8 days)

Guys and gals, it's really been 9 whole months and Baby A is ready to pop! We are coming close to the end and a whole new journey is about to begin. I am feeling: anxious yet patient, wonderful yet whale-ish, and ready yet not.

I am ready to remember how it feels to be un-pregnant. To be able to leap off the couch, sleep in whatever position I please, un-gain 30 lbs, and (hopefully) fit into my old shorts just in time for spring. If I am up for it, I might want to do another little belly photoshoot this weekend to remember this special time.

Also starting to wrap things up at work. Sitting in a meeting today, I realized I soon won't have to deal with deadlines, but instead I will be following a feed/sleep/poop schedule. My life is about to take a 180-degree turn! I will miss the coworkers - they have all been so good to me, filling my head with praises and more. Lucky 3/19 is my last day at work, that is, if Baby A doesn't come before then.

As for labor and delivery, I am actually feeling calm about the whole thing, considering hubs and I passed on all the baby classes. It is natural, my body will know what to do to get the baby out, and worrying will only make my job harder. All women before me have done it, some even without medication. As long as I remain flexible, I am going to be just fine, right? I am not even afraid of my water breaking in public, believe it or not. Whatever will be will be. All I can do right now to prepare is relax and save energy, which is definitely something I have been doing without complaints!

On the other hand, I just have feeling that Baby A is going to be stubborn and wait at least another week or two before making her debut...but I promise to keep you all updated!


  1. Wow! Congrats on your soon-to-be baby! I had two natural childbirths. As long as you have a supportive group around you, you'll do great! Your body DOES know what to do. Good luck - enjoy every moment - and thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. I hope things go very smoothly for you, your hubby and Baby A during their journey into this world!

  3. Oh I can only imagine all the feelings you're going through right now. I admire how calm you are- it'll definitely make the whole experience a lot easier to go through...or so I've heard.

    I've given you a happy little award. I'm sure you have a lot to be happy for right now!


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