Making Baby A: The Labor & Delivery Story

Thinking that Baby A was going to be late, Saturday, March 13, started out like it was any other day. We had cereal for breakfast and after putting laundry in the washer, we settled down for a movie - Horton Hears a Who! - to pass time. My 39w3d pregnant belly was getting increasingly uncomfortable and sitting still for a movie was no small feat, even if it was less than 90 minutes.

During the movie, I heard a "popping" sound....and asked hubs if he heard it too. With Pesto next to him, he said, "I think that was Pesto." I shrugged it off and continued on with the movie. (Note: I still don't know if that was my water breaking or if it was just a sound I imagined.)

Our plan for the remaining of the day was to 1) walk around the mall to help getting the labor started, 2) meet with our realtor at 2:15pm to look at houses, and 3) dinner with hubs' family at 5pm. It was going to be a busy day...neither one of us thought that we would be going to the hospital.

Around 3pm while visiting house #2, I could feel myself leaking...(sorry, too much information). I didn't tell the hubs until we were coming home because near the end of the pregnancy, you never know whether you just had an "accident" or something else. His reaction: Oh, it's probably nothing.

When we got home at 3:45pm, with a little research on the computer, I was 90% sure that I was leaking amniotic fluid. I called the OB at 4pm, described to her the situation, and she said to go ahead and go to the hospital! We finished packing the hospital bags, gathered the puppies' things, and headed to hubs' parents' house to drop off the puppies and then to the hospital.

We checked in at 5:25pm at the emergency room front desk (since it was after hours on a weekend) and by 6pm, we settled into our Labor & Delivery room. I wasn't in too much pain yet, just uncomfortable menstrual cramps. The room was spacious with all the movies we could watch - although we were too distracted to do so. I picked up the menu for things to order only to be told that I could only have ice chips!

At 6:15pm, my doctor checked my cervix and I was only 2cm dilated.

While the hubs' parents knew I was in labor, my parents had no idea. So at 6:40pm, I called my parents and brothers to let them know the news. Everyone wished me luck.

At 7:45pm, in an effort to get my contractions stronger and more regular, the doctor ordered Pitocin. Shortly after, the contractions did get stronger and more regular. I was in pain and trying my best to breath through them. Alas, hubs and I skipped all the baby classes and I had no idea what I was doing.

By 8:45pm, I was 3cm dilated and requested an epidural. Best. decision. I. made.

At 9:15pm, the anesthesiologist arrived. His magic drug provided instant relief and from this point on until I delivered, I can honestly say that my L&D experience was nothing but lovely. However, my blood pressure and baby's heartbeat did drop and caused a bit of an alarm. After some turning from one side to another again and again, it went back to normal.

At 10:40pm, I was 4cm dilated. At 12 midnight, I was 8cm. By 3am, I was fully dilated to 10cm. Never in my life would I think that I would be taking naps during L&D, but I did and it was just wonderful. Although I was fully dilated, the doctor decided to wait another hour or so before we start pushing. This way, the baby could labor down some more.

At 5:30am, the baby was at +3 station and it was time to push! A couple of practice pushes confirmed that Baby A was very close in being born that the doctor and nurse called the baby team for help. By 5:40am, the baby team got everything all set up and, with hubs holding up one of my legs, I PUSHED. Apparently I was a very effective pusher despite me telling the doctor and nurse that I don't even feel myself pushing.

A series of pushes later, Baby A was born at 5:57am, weighing in at a whopping 8 lb 2.3 oz and 20" long. No one expected a baby this big! Hubs cut the cord and Baby A was immediately placed on my chest. After 9 months, I finally met my Anna Banana!

We spent an hour or so in the L&D room, recovering and bonding.

One of the first family pictures...although Anna is partially blocked.

A few notes:

- I didn't have a birth plan. I read all about L&D and knew about the different scenarios. My plan was to be flexible.
- I didn't expect the doctor to ask hubs to hold one of my legs. I thought he would be up by my head, but instead, he saw everything. During the pregnancy, he said he did not want to see the head crown.
- I didn't expect to push for only 25 minutes. All in all, roughly 12 hours after we checked into the hospital, I delivered a baby. I did not labor at home.

Coming up next: Our (WONDERFUL!) hospital stay


  1. Congrats, Joyce and hubs! You hardly look like you were in labour at all! =)

  2. Congrats!! You're such a ham. Love how you're smiling in those first pics as if it were nothing. I can't believe you were so chill about the fact that you were about to go into labor. I would've been freaking out. Then again, you guys did your research and were unbelievably well prepared for this journey.

    And did you guys hire a stylist and photographer for this? Because you all look gorgeous :)

    Welcome to the world, Anna cutie!

  3. LOL. You look so cute on your labor day. I was in pain and didn't have the energy to look this adorable. Congrats again. Good for you for finding some 'me' time to blog!

  4. Hands down, one of the longest nights in my entire life. But since I didn't have any real responsibilities, there won't be any complaints from me. =]


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