Happy 10 Days of Life!

Since birth, little A has been in deep hibernation. That girl sleeps all. the. time. She's 10 days old and probably slept through at least 9.5 days. Today, for whatever reason, she was super alert for an hour or so. I read her Goodnight Moon, sang songs, and placed her on the play mat for some leg kicking. It was so fun interacting with her.

I haven't taken many pictures of Anna because she's always sleeping. Hopefully that will change soon. I don't want to miss documenting her babyhood. She's already growing up too fast. Like every parent says, I wish I could bottle her up and keep her this tiny and precious forever. But at the same time, I know I will cherish the adventures in each stage as they come. Right now I am getting antsy for her to just stay awake.


  1. Great pictures! Almost cancels the diaper changes and sleepless nites we've been enduring, you know, the darker side of infanthood. But I agree, I too wish she would stay like this. Then again, we need to her grow up and become an astronaut or wushu master and save mankind! First, she must master her eyelids...


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