baby goodies

The other day I went to the mall after work.  I had a coupon I wanted to use and I figured that walking might help me inch toward labor.

The mall was quiet at 3:30pm and I saw tons of moms pushing strollers.  I made a mental note to do the same when Baby A comes.

Eventually I found myself inside Gymboree, a very cute children's clothing store. I wanted to buy everything! All the little dresses and jumpers and bubble tops! So cute!  Of course I resisted.  I know it will be a while before I put Baby A in outfits.  For the first few months, she will live in onesies and sleepers.

I did dig deep through the clearance section and found a couple of things for Baby A.  Four pairs of socks, a sun hat, and a newborn cap.  All for $4. 

As I paid for my purchase, the lady behind the register started a conversation with me:

Lady: {glancing at my belly} Oh, when are you due?  {looking at the stuff I placed on the counter} I see you are having a girl. Get ready to shop all the time.  
Me: Yup, a girl.  My due date is than 2 weeks.
Lady: Wow, you don't look look good!
Me: Thanks...but I am just hiding behind this big coat.
Lady: Oh no, you look very good!
Me: {big goofy grin on my face} Thanks!

Well, I don't know if Gymboree trains their employees to flatter their customers, but I enjoyed my first shopping experience there and I will definitely be back for more of their tiny clothes!  And next time, I may or may not just stop at the clearance section. :)

I ♥ their Little Goldfish collection!


  1. I don't think so, baby A is going to be a salvation army, old navy, goodwill baby. Seriously, anything you buy her can only be worn for a few months at the most. Hell, I still say we should simply wrap her up in old pillow cases with holes out for her head and arms. They'll be like little dresses. =]

    And yes dear, I think you look good too.

  2. Cheap Papa L, the wife and the princess deserve to be spoiled !!!!!!!!!!

  3. LOL @ Cheap Papa...

    :) I needed that laugh.


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