DIY: Card Sleeves

I have accumulated a stack of gift cards and the thought of losing them was giving me panic attacks. So as a solution to keep myself sane, I made these little card sleeves. They are exactly what you can buy here.

Since I had no luck in finding a pre-made template online, I had to create my own in Word. It was easy. I drew a 4.75" by 3.625" box, just a wee bigger than the standard size you can buy because I wanted to be able to fit two gift cards in one sleeve. I then drew a dotted line right down the middle, where I would score+fold. Next, I placed two rectangular boxes outside of the big box - for gluing. Finally, since I was short on time, I simply put a large dot in the middle as the "design" and called it a day.

Once the template is done and printed on cardstock, the rest is even easier. I don't think it requires explanation. You can even cut the template and trace it on a pretty scrapbook paper for a different look.

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Now that all my gift cards all have a home, I can breath a sigh of relief. And it was a fun, quick project to boot!


  1. Look how crafty you are:) Fun stuff!

  2. Fun and creative! And I love how quick and simple this is. I keep telling myself to just grab some paper and scissors and dedicate time to crafting again, but I back away thinking any project I want to do will take up too much time. Nice job on finding a cheap alternative to gift card holders!

  3. Maybe you could help me with something - I have some 4x6 photos that I need to place in a 5x7 album sleeve... Do they make "mounting sleeves/pockets" or whatever you might call them? Maybe I could do something in Word like you did.

  4. @ Intense Guy: Good question and to be honest, I don't know the answer. If you mount your 4x6 photos onto pieces of paper that are 5x7, then the photos may be too thick for the photo album sleeves and I don't think it would look as nice.... Sorry! Not much help. I am a newbie at all this.


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