"the deal of the century"

Hubs is very proud of himself today that he said to me, "You must post this on your blog! This is the deal of the century!"

This week only: Get Toy Story 1 and Toy Story 2 on blu-ray @ Toys R Us for $14! As a bonus, there is also a code for free movie ticket to see Toy Story 3 in theaters in each pack. Since we got both movies, we now have a date on June 18 to see the newest Toy Story.

Good bargain, I have admit.

Still, I told the hubs, "I think the deal I found last November was better." :P


  1. Aww how cute is he getting all excited about this? Looks like you've taught him well!

  2. I'm glad your family enjoyed our movie. We had fun making it and can't agree more, this is the deal of the century. After all, we put Pixar on the map for this. So for Disney to offer discounts and Toys R Us to have this sale, current owners have almost zero cost to move up to the bluray editions. And when our film comes out this summer, you will already have your tickets in hand.


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