Bing: Getting Paid to Shop

Two months ago, I gave Bing Cashback (BCB) a try and never looked back.

Work like other cashback programs such as FatWallet, BCB gives you a percentage of purchase price back if you shop through Bing. Some as much as 20%! Since January, I've made several substantial baby purchases online and they are adding up fast.

Bing has a 60-day window between the order being placed and the cashback dollars being available to the user, but it's worth the wait. Back in January when I made the purchases, I thought to myself that it would be forever before the money is available to me...but here we are in March and the cashback from the first purchase I made became active as of yesterday. And soon the rest will follow...

As for the money, I have the option of getting a check mailed to me, direct deposited to my bank account, or a money transfer to my Amazon account. I think I may go for the 3rd option.

Hubs has been using FatWallet for a long time and he likes it. However, I like BCB because I already have an account with Microsoft (long time hotmail user) and I think the percentage cashback is a bit higher than what FatWallet offers. The only thing to be careful about BCB is that it may be tricky to use because you search for keywords to get the max percentage. I am no expert so I refer to this link a lot.

Do you use any cashback programs?


  1. Thanks for the link! Am just settling in here in the States and every penny counts! =)

  2. I ought to give it a try. I have a hotmail account - I remember signing up back in the day when it first came out!

    Gosh I'm old.

  3. @ knickknacks: I suspected that you might be here already. How do you like it up in the mid-west? Hope the move went smoothly!

  4. Just happened to stumble upon your site. Cool tips. Great job.

    I would also recommend checking out

    That site compares all of the cash back sites on the web so you can see where to save the most.


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