Baby Anna: Week Two

Miss Anna is two weeks old today!

She's really good at:

: Letting us know loud and clear when she's hungry.
: Peeing at the exact moment when we take away the dirty diaper and just before putting on a fresh one.
: Making her parents do laundry 3x a week.
: Staring at faces and everything else.
: Wiggling uncontrollably.
: Looking oh-so-adorable with all her facial expressions. Although I can't seem to capture them on camera...
: Giving us that half-smile (or is it a smirk?) that melt our hearts.
: Downing her bottles in 10-minutes flat. A great eater, that little girl.
: Sleeping during the day and partying like a rock star at night.


  1. Sounds like a great start to parenthood!:)

  2. She sounds like she is doing so well! Stopping from SITS!

  3. Visited the baby doctor today and Anna is doing great, grew an inch and gained a pound. Now if someone would invent a self cleaning diaper or robotic baby feeder, we'd be all set!

  4. Goodness.. its been over two weeks already?!?

    She really sounds like a good baby and her little outfits make her all the cuter!


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