DIY Maternity Photos

Although I had the best intention of documenting this pregnancy, week-by-week, it just never happened. Being pregnant was so exhausting for me that sometimes anything other than getting out of bed, eating, showering, and sleeping is a pesky chore. So weeks went by and no pictures got taken...and already, I am 3 days away from 37 weeks.

As I am getting close to the end, I know I wanted some nice pictures to remember being pregnant, and since paying a professional photographer to do it seems silly to me, I had hubs took some quick photos yesterday. There was still snow on the ground and the sun was out!

Nothing fancy schmancy. No special artistic effects. Straight from the camera. Just good ol' me in my regular maternity clothes, light makeup, and everyday hair. I think it gets the point across, though - I am pregnant, I am huge, and this is what I look like at this moment.


  1. What? I took so many nice pics of you and this is the only one you deemed worthy to be posted? Such a waste! Oh well, at least you have them archived somewhere so we can all look back at them later.

  2. You are beautiful. No special effects needed!

  3. You may be "huge"...but that's because you're glowing from all the positive energy growing inside of you! What a gorgeous stunning picture!

  4. I'm sure Luke "the eye" is right and all the pictures were lovely - I mean, he couldn't fail with such a lovely subject.


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