Making Baby A, Week 35: Thinking Positively

After giving birth, many women say they miss being pregnant. Well, I can say with confidence that I won't be one of those women. As soon as Baby A is full term, I will be wishing her a speedy + easy exit.

However, this post isn't to rehash about the body aches I have been experiencing, the frequent trips to the bathroom, or the overall fatigue I feel throughout the day, it is to write down my thoughts on the rewarding physical aspects of being pregnant.

Being able to feel Baby A move and kick with her little limbs has been amazing. I love feeling her become active at certain times and in certain situations (such as whenever I eat!). I enjoy watching my tummy move and gently pushing the top part of my stomach area where her butt is, now that her head has descended. Despite the discomforts I am experiencing, I love the feeling of closeness I have with Baby A as a physical part of me.

So as much as I wish I can be normal size again this instant, I'm aware that all these aches and pains will be over soon enough, and the experience of being the incubator to our little girl has changed me in many ways.


  1. You are almost there!

  2. So big, are you sure you really may want to do this all over again for another little bopper? I think one is enough! Then again, we always did say it would be kinda mean to leave this kid with no siblings...

  3. Loner is right... single children need siblings. :)


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