Making Baby A, Week 37: "Are you ready?"

Operating under the assumption that if Baby A decides to stick around inside my belly past 3/17 but the doctor makes her come out no later than a week after that, I am looking at a max of 26 days before she arrives. Gulp.

A question I have been getting almost on a daily basis: "Are you ready?"

I never really quite know how to answer that.

I am prepared to see Baby A, but at the same time, I also would like to hit the pause button - maybe indefinitely - until I'm really ready.

I have known about the 3/17 date for almost eight months now. I have had eight months to prepare. She has a full wardrobe, washed and neatly folded in the dresser. She has enough diapers and wipes to last several months. Car seat has been installed and inspected since January. Her crib is all set up in the little corner of our bedroom.

Gear-wise, we are fully prepared.

But am I mentally prepared?

It's strange. This baby situation is something I created for myself - I wanted to get pregnant and have a baby. The pregnancy is completely intended so automatically one would assume that I should be mentally prepared. But admittedly, it still feels unreal and my mind still can't wrap around the idea that I am going to be a MOM to a HUMAN soon. So every night, I think to myself - another day is over and we are one day closer to the BIG DAY...and I freak out a bit.

So what I'm saying is, I am not mentally ready and don't know if I will ever be. I guess I will just fake readiness and close my eyes tight and wing it. Hope Baby A won't notice.


  1. Not to worry, once the baby is here, it will come naturally.

  2. Hey Neighbor! Thanks for visiting Small Burst! I'm in Alexandria. Congrats on your pregnancy. You're almost there.

  3. more time pleaseMarch 2, 2010 at 7:18 AM

    Hmm...definitely not ready. Then again, I don't know if it's even possible to prepare for a massive shift if lifestyle and mindset that comes with one of these little things entering your life. Oh well, all we can do is wait for the day...

  4. You sound about as ready as anyone could be - outside of getting on the waiting list for daycare centers and such.

    Your project planning side is really coming through here - I hope the "unexpected" doesn't upset you much. How do you prepare to expect the unexpected?

  5. I know that feeling - but all the anxiety will go away when you're through the labor and holding little A in your hands!


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