Making Baby A, Week 36: Dear Baby A:

Hope you are enjoying your last few weeks (or maybe days??) inside Mama's belly. Soon you will make your grand entrance to the world and I have to admit that I am a bit more than excited now. Can't wait to meet you.

This week has been productive.

On Wednesday, Mama visited your future pediatrician. It's a practice of four pediatricians and I spoke to one of them. The doctor is enthusiastic, friendly, and personable. The waiting area is clean and big and has a play area. They also have a doctor on-call at night to answer any emergency questions that I, no doubt, will have. They also provided me with immunization and checkup schedules, which is important for a planner like your Mama. Perhaps the best of all - the office is next to Potbelly's and Ben & Jerry's (both you will come to appreciate when you are older).

It looks like a good fit so we will go with them for now, but you let me know what you think when you come out, okay?

Then yesterday, your Papa came with me to my 36-week appointment. You continue to be doing fantastically. Very active and your heartbeat is healthy and strong. This time, however, the doctor couldn't tell whether your head was in the right position so we had a surprise ultrasound! Definitely very happy to see you again. And yes! Thank you for your cooperation, you are a smartie and your head is exactly where it should be.

The doctor also said you are an average-size baby, with head circumference measuring at 36 weeks exactly. Good job for being average, Baby A! But don't make it a habit because once you are here, I expect you to excel in everything. :)

Oh, and after some more examination, the doc said we may be expecting you earlier than we thought! Oh boy...

Papa also got a few goodies for you this week, all by himself. I will keep them a surprise, but hint hint, you will love him for them.

Not much longer to go, Baby A. Stay happy and healthy and I will be holding you soon. In the meantime, take it easy on Mama's bladder, please. It's not a toy.

Love, Mama


  1. Danku for taking care of me so far Mama. But I do wish you would eat more ice cream and cake. I like it when you eat those, I see Papa eating them all the time. I bet the baby in his big belly must be really happy. See you all soon!

  2. LOL!

    I've probably said it before - but I'll say it again - you and your hubby are such an uplifting couple - you two are a great example for what being married should be like!


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