it's v-day, make these brownies!

I made these sinful brownies yesterday...and we only have 4 pieces left. Luckily, I am happy to say that we didn't eat them all on our own. I served some to a couple of friends who came over and took the rest to hubs' side of family for Chinese New Year.

Everyone seemed to like them a lot!

I found this recipe via Bakerella. According to directions, the last step is to smear the brownies with store-bought frosting or homemade ganache (see recipe on Bakerella's post). I skipped that because 1) I didn't have the frosting handy, 2) I didn't have the ingredients to make the ganache handy, and 3) I thought it would be too sweet.

To fancy them up, serve the brownies with vanilla ice cream. That's what we did and it was gooooood!


  1. Something so simple, but so good. Too bad we gave so many away. =[


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